Federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds are being provided to schools across the country to help schools respond to COVID-19 impacts.  We will continue to provide information related to the impact of this funding on Penn Cambria School District.

ESSER I  – Announced May 2020
ESSER II – Announced January 2021
ESSER III – Announced March 2021

At this time, funding and grant details are still being provided by the state for ESSER funds.  Please see below for examples of ways this funding has already impacted Penn Cambria School District.

Cleaning and Sanitizing
* Cleaning/sanitizing supplies and air purifiers

Personal Protective Equipment
* Masks, shields, hand sanitizer and items to limit sharing in classrooms

* Additional laptops and software to support remote learning

Supporting Struggling Students
* Transportation for Wednesday tutoring sessions during hybrid learning, after-school tutoring program including transportation

Additional Services
* Transportation for meal distributions during virtual learning