Penn Cambria Nurses Office
Ms. Jenny Damin, RN, Certified School Nurse 
Ms. Tonya Niebauer, RN, Certified School Nurse
Ms. Lauren Douglas, LPN, Health Room Assistant
Ms. April Rose, LPN, Health Room Assistant
Ms. Christina Plouse, LPN, Health Room Assistant

COVID-19 Free At-Home Tests
Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order a 3rd round of free at-home tests.  
Pennsylvania School Vaccination Requirements
Please send a copy of your child's vaccine record anytime you child receives additional vaccines.  Your interest and participation in our effort to provide a sound school health program is appreciated. SIR8.pdf (
Click Here – Important Reminders from Your School Nurses for the 2023-2024 School Year
Health plans need to be renewed each school year. This includes emergency health plans, allergy health plans, asthma health plans, diabetes health plans, seizure action plans, special procedure orders, medical excuses (such as for physical education class), and medication orders. Please return to the nurse as soon as possible. If your child has an order to self-carry and self-administer a rescue inhaler, epi-pen or insulin, the above forms must be on file with the school health services. In addition, your...
Click Here – Physical Examination and Dental Examination Requirement
Physical Examination and Dental Examination Requirement In preparing for the 2023-2024 School Year, students need the following examinations completed and returned to the school nurse by September 15th, 2023: Physical Examination (pre-k, kindergarten, 6th & 11th grades, and transfer students from another state) Dental Examination (pre-k, kindergarten, 3rd & 7th grades) Parents/guardians are urged to have these examinations done by their healthcare providers because they will have a better knowledge of the past history of the child and will be in...
Coronavirus Information for K-12 Schools from PA Dept of Health
Please see the attached fact sheets for information about the coronavirus being provided by the PA DOH (Pennsylvania Department of Health) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) 04 15 2020 What you should know about COVID-19 to protect yourself and others  03 24 2020 Coronavirus Fact Sheet 02 03 2020 K-12 Coronavirus Fact Sheet 02 03 2020 Coronavirus Fact Sheet
Sunscreen Use and Act 105 of 2018
Under Act 105 of 2018, you child will be permitted to bring/apply sunscreen products in school if you complete and submit the sunscreen form provided here to your child's school. Sunscreen Use Parent Form In addition, all students will be permitted to use sun-protective clothing (ex: hats) while outdoors.  All sun-protective clothing must follow dress code guidelines.
Use of Asthma Inhalers
Every student who has asthma needs to have an Asthma Management Plan on file with the school nurse. An Asthma Inhalers Self-Administration by Students Form is available in the health office.
Medication Policy
In accordance with school policy, medication(s) should be given at home before and/or after school. However, when this is not possible, prior to receiving the medication at school, each student must provide the school nurse with a Medication Administration Consent form signed by the student's parent/guardian and a Medication Order from a licensed prescriber. This applies to all medication whether it is over-the-counter or a prescription. All medications must be in an original prescription bottle/container from a pharmacy and brought into school by a...
Department of Health Requirements
Learn more about screenings and exam requirements for each grade level as set by the PA Department of Health. A physical exam is required for grades K, 6, & 11 as well as any new student entering a PA school for the first time. (private physical form available for download on website) A dental exam is required for grades K, 3, & 7 as well as any new student entering a PA school for the first time. (private dental form available...