** As of 4/17/19, we still have one slot remaining in our program for 2019-2020. In addition, we will continue to accept applications for our wait list. Feel free to contact us at 886-8121 with any questions.**

Applications for 2019-2020 will be accepted starting March 1, 2019.  Initial due date for applications for 2019-2020 is April 15, 2019.


Penn Cambria offers a full-day Pre-K Counts program with transportation provided during the school year.
Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts offers eligible families quality preschool at no cost to help children learn the skills they need to be ready for kindergarten.  The Penn Cambria Pre-K Counts program offers a highly qualified teacher and teacher aide who have extensive experience working with young children.  We offer a small class size and a curriculum and learning activities that help children thrive.  In addition, parents are provided with information throughout the program regarding the child’s progress and development.

Since this is a grant program funded by the PA Department of Education, information regarding the availability of the program and definite enrollment won’t be available until after the district receives notification of grant funding for 2019-2020. Penn Cambria is requesting funds to continue the current program which offers 17 slots.   Please note that all information provided is based on current guidance from Pre-K Counts and is subject to change.

Who Is Eligible?

  1. To be eligible to apply, students must be age 4 on or before August 31st.
  2.  Families must meet the income definition of “at-risk” which is defined as at or below 300% of the  Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Please see below for these income guidelines.

**The following enrollment selection criteria will be used when the number of eligible applications received exceeds
the number of available slots.
Preference for our program is given to the following:

  • Children from families that are below 250% of the federal poverty level but not eligible for Head Start
  • Children who have additional “risk factors” including the following: children of incarcerated parents, children in foster/kinship care/ CYS, children of teen mothers, and children receiving Early Intervention services
  • Income preference is then used if necessary to fill remaining slots


How Do I Apply?
The application form is available for download at the top of this page or by calling 886-8166 or 886-8121. You must provide income verification when you submit your application (see below for additional information).  Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding state requirements for income verification.

A Pre-K Counts open house session will be held from 4-7 pm on Tuesday, April 2, 2019.  Please feel free to attend if you would like to visit the classroom or to meet the staff.  We will have two informational sessions that evening.  Applications will  be accepted during this open house.

Please return your completed application to
Penn Cambria Administrative Office
ATTN: Pre-K Counts
201 6th Street
Cresson , PA 16630
If you have questions please phone: 814-886-8121


Federal Income Guidelines for 2019


Annual 2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines
Family Size
100% 250% 300% – Maximum Income
for Pre-K Counts Eligibility
1 12,490 31,225 37,470
2 16,910 42,275 50,730
3 21,330 53,325 63,990
4 25,750 64,375 77,250
5 30,170 75,425 90,510
6 34,590 86,475 103,770
7 39,010 97,525 117,030
8 43,430 108,575 130,290


Verifying Income For Pre-K Counts

Child Care Works
If you are already participating in Child Care Works or are on a waiting list for Child Care Works, you can just submit the Eligibility Detail Page available from the CCIS.  Contact us if you are not sure how to request this document from CCIS.

Whose income is Counted?

  1. The parent or caretaker of the child
  2. A parent’s or caretaker’s spouse
  3. Children’s, excluding earned income (employment earnings of minor)

To Document Income:

  1. Earned Income: W-2 forms, IRS form for reporting tips, pay stubs (at least two recent), a written employer statement of anticipated earnings, or other document that establishes earnings or anticipated earnings from employment
  2. Self-Employment: tax returns, business records or other documents establishing profit from self-employment
  3. Unearned Income: copy of current benefit check (SSI, TANF, Unemployment compensation, etc.), award letter that shows amount of grant or benefit, a bank statement showing interest,  a court order, or other document or database report that establishes the amount of unearned income.
  4. Child Support: If a family receives or pays child support, please provide documentation showing amount.  The eligibility agency shall verify the amount of support received or paid by the family by documents from the Department of Public Welfare.


Please feel free to call us if you have additional questions at 886-8121.  Detailed guidance we received from the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) may allow us to answer your questions.