Penn Cambria School District

Our Mission and Shared Values

Mission Statement

Shared Values

The Penn Cambria School District collectively values:

  1. The principle that all students can learn in a healthy and safe environment
  2. A commitment to honesty, integrity, respect, and diversity
  3. The educational support of family and community
  4. Effective teaching of a rigorous and relevant curriculum
  5. Professional development
  6. Quality leadership that will foster a culture of teaching and learning
  7. The use of technology to enhance teaching and learning
  8. Accountability for all
  9. A continuous learning ethic
  10. Artful use of infrastructure that requires the strategic alignment and utilization of faculty, staff , facilities , time, technology, and fiscal resources

Demographic Information

Penn Cambria School District serves a rural area encompassing 108 square miles along the ridges of east central Cambria County.   The district is conveniently located 15 miles west of Altoona, with immediate access to the Route 22, 219 and I-99 corridors. The resident population of 17,381 reside within our 13 municipalities and boroughs, and nine unincorporated villages (Source: 2010 Census).   The median household income in the district is $42, 818, with 41% of students qualifying for free or reduced price meals through the school lunch program (Sources: 2010 Census and 2016 National School Lunch Program Data).

Penn Cambria School District employs a highly qualified professional staff of 143, 48% of whom have earned master’s degrees or beyond.   Current student enrollment is 1661.      Our 5 buildings are organized into a Pre-Primary for our Pre-K and Kindergarten programs, a Primary School for grades 1 and 2, an Intermediate School for grades 3 and 4, a Middle School for grades 5 through 8, and grades 9 through 12 served at the High School.   Each building contains a library media center as well as the technology infrastructure and computer facilities to supplement the curriculum, instruction, and assessment needs.

The Penn Cambria School District has a 94% cohort graduation rate, and an average daily attendance rate in each building between 93% and 96%.  Thanks to our dedicated staff and a rigorous academic curriculum, students in all buildings met or exceeded the standards for academic growth in all subject areas assessed!  64% of all elementary students scored proficient or advanced in reading, 68% scored proficient or advanced in math, and 87% scored proficient or advanced in Science on the 2016 PSSA.   In addition, 71% of our Middle School students scored proficient or advanced in reading, 37% scored proficient or advanced in math, and 61% were proficient or advanced in science.    In 2016, 89% of our grade 11 High School students scored proficient or advanced on the Keystone Literature exam, 79% were proficient or advanced on the Keystone Algebra Exam, and 71% scored proficient or advanced on the Keystone Biology Exam.  The Pennsylvania Department of Education School Performance Profile for 2016 ranks Penn Cambria High School as the highest performing High School in Cambria County. (Source: 2016 PA School Performance Profile)

Penn Cambria School District’s overall ranking is in the top 25% of school districts in Pennsylvania (Source:, 2016).

Our high school students are also encouraged to challenge themselves with weighted honors level classes and 14 Dual Enrollment classes throughout the high school experience.   The industrious student can graduate with 18 or more college credits on their transcript.   15% of our students attend half-day programming at Admiral Peary Vocational-Technical School where they can take advantage of opportunities to prepare for industry certification in technical and/or trade skills leading to employment or further education through trade school after graduation. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities through athletics, the arts and community service groups throughout their High School careers.

Opportunities for higher education abound.   Located within the boundaries of the school district are Mt. Aloysius College and St. Francis University.   In addition, within one hour travel time are Penn Highlands Community College, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, and Penn State University.