Penn Cambria Elementary
Student Support Team Process

The goals of the Penn Cambria Elementary Student Support Team (SST) are to:

  • Attempt to resolve the student’s learning/behavior problems in regular education.
  • Provide support for the classroom teacher in addressing the student’s needs.
  • Gain input and support of parents in solving the problem.
  • Assist in collecting progress monitoring data and attempting interventions in regular education prior to referring a student for special education evaluation. This is a legal requirement.

Members of the Team

The Student Support Team consists of the principal, school psychologist, guidance counselor, referring teacher, other classroom teachers, Title I teacher, and parents. Other school staff members are invited as appropriate. The guidance counselor or building principal serves as the chairperson and leads the meeting.

Location of Meetings

PCPP – Conference Room
PCP – Conference Room
PCI – Guidance Room

Pre-SST Process

Teachers are to follow the Pre-SST process:

  1. Document concern.
  2. At-Risk meeting with building principal to discuss possible interventions.
  3. Three (3) documented contacts with parent/guardian (phone, email, or meeting).
  4. Document interventions attempted and response to interventions for a minimum of 20 school days.
  5. Continue interventions if progress is being made. If no progress, refer to SST.

Referral for SST

  • Initiate SST process by completing Student Support Team Referral Form is to be completed by referring teacher(s) and guidance counselor. All relevant information from school record/school nurse should be compiled on form.
  • If possible, completed SST form should be sent to team members prior to day of scheduled meeting.
  • Guidance counselor contacts parent/guardian to set up SST meeting. Key points during parent/guardian contact should include:
    1. Briefly explain nature of concern (parent/guardian should already be aware due to previous contact by teacher)
    2. Purpose of Student Support Team meeting is to work together to come up with interventions
    3. SST meeting usually lasts about 30 minutes. A follow-up meeting is usually scheduled about 6 weeks later.

SST Meeting Protocol

  • Guidance counselor (or building principal) will serve as the facilitator/chairperson of meeting.
  • Begin meeting by thanking parent for attending and have all team members introduce themselves.
  • Explain the purpose of the meeting.
    • Goal is to work together to improve student’s school performance
  • Referring teacher should identify student’s strengths and specific concerns (academic/behavioral)
  • Based on primary concern(s), teacher/team sets measurable goals (academic/behavioral) for Action Plan
  • Team brainstorms interventions. Team facilitator/guidance counselor completes Action Plan/Interventions form during the meeting
  • Attempt to keep the meeting to 30 minutes or less
  • Establish date for the follow-up meeting approximately 30 school days after the initial meeting (about 6 weeks).
  • Copies of the Action Plan should be distributed to all team members. If parent/guardian is not in attendance, guidance counselor (or principal) should contact them to explain meeting outcome and send them Action Plan.

SST Review Meeting

  • Counselor will call to remind parent/guardian 1-2 days before the follow up meeting.
  • At meeting, review goals and results of interventions
  • SST determines whether to continue interventions, modify/change interventions, schedule another follow-up/review meeting, or refer for evaluation to determine eligibility for special education services
  • SST Progress Review form will be completed during the second meeting and copies given to team members