Student Assistance Programs (SAP) are designed to help school personnel to identify issues which pose a barrier to a student’s learning and school success.  At times, those issues may be related to mental health and behavioral concerns, depression, suicide or alcohol and other drug use.

The SAP utilizes a systematic process, along with a specially trained team of school personnel, to intervene and refer these students to appropriate school and/or community services.

There are SAP/PennCat (Penn Cambria Assistance) teams for Penn Cambria High School, Penn Cambria Middle School, and Penn Cambria Elementary.

The purpose of these confidential teams is to identify students who are experiencing difficulty which is interfering in student achievement. The teams provide beneficial information and referrals to appropriate school and outside services. Such difficulties may be the result of attendance issues, behavior, substance abuse, depression, traumatic events, bullying, or any other issues that interfere with success in school. The purpose of SAP is to help students and parents receive appropriate services. It is NOT a disciplinary program, nor does it serve to punish students in any way.

PennCat – Penn Cambria High School

PennCat Jr. – Penn Cambria Middle School

Penn Cambria Intermediate, Primary, & Pre-Primary


In order to make a referral or to obtain additional information, please contact the Guidance Office at the student’s respective building:

Penn Cambria High School- Ms. Fochler/Mrs. Michina (814) 886-8188

Penn Cambria Middle School- Mrs. Myers (814) 886-4181

Penn Cambria Intermediate School- Ms. Dodson (814) 886-8532

Penn Cambria Primary School- Ms. Dodson (814) 886-2151

Penn Cambria Pre-Primary School- Ms. Dodson (814) 886-8166