Pennsylvania’s Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Program was established to make sure homeless youth have access to a free and appropriate public education while removing barriers that homeless children face. Its goal is to have the educational process continue as uninterrupted as possible while the children are in homeless situations.

If you live in any of these situations, you could be displaced or homeless:  doubled-up, camper, tent, car, abandoned building.

Events that may cause you to become displaced/ homelessness:   Eviction, Illness, Fire, Parents divorce or separate and you need to leave your home, Kicked out, Runaway due to a situation.

If you are homeless, or know of a child or youth that may be homeless, please contact the PCSD Homeless Liaison, Mrs. Kristen Blackburn at 814-886-8188 x2003.

Community Partnerships for Homeless Services- “Finding Your Way in PA” – This can be downloaded as an app as well.

Penn Cambria School District Board Policy 215 – Homeless Students

Penn Cambria School District Public Notice Education Rights of Children and Youth that are Homeless

Pennsylvania Department of Education- Basic Education Circular (BEC)

Pennsylvania Department of Education – Homeless Education

National Center for Homeless Education