Honors English Summer Reading Requirements – Summer 2020

Summer reading is a requirement for all students enrolling in Honors English classes at PC High School.


  • Honors English students are expected to read widely and deeply as well as to communicate effectively in writing.  Summer reading allows for the opportunity to read more literature and construct written responses in preparation for the next grade level.
  • Writing and/or projects assigned based on summer reading requirements align to curricular objectives to which students have already been introduced.  This provides the teacher with a formative assessment tool for identifying present levels for reading and writing, strengths, and areas for potential growth.
  • Summer reading requirements are designed to introduce students to the task of handling independent work which requires students to be motivated and to develop the time management skills necessary to handle extended academic deadlines.

Due Date:

  • Students in Honors English semester one or semester two must turn in the summer reading assignment to the appropriate Honors English teacher on the first day of school in August.

Feedback and Grading:

  • Feedback on the summer reading assignment will be provided to students within two weeks of the start of the Honors English semester. See below for specific information about expectations at each grade level.
  • An objective test will be given on the summer novels within two weeks of the start of the Honors English semester.
  • Assignments and tests associated with summer reading will constitute approximately 8-10% of the quarter grade for the first marking period of the Honors English semester.

Summer 2020 Novels and Assignments

Grade 9
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Click here for English 9 Honors Summer Reading Assignment 2020

Additional Grade 9 Supplemental Resources
No Sweat Shakespeare
Dramatica:Romeo and Juliet

Grade 10

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
Lord of the Flies
by William Golding

Click here for: English 10 Honors Summer Reading Assignment 2020

Grade 11

Adventures of Huckelberry Finn by Mark Twain
Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

Click here for: English 11 Honors Summer Reading Assignment 2020

Grade 12

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
by George Bernard Shaw

Click here for: English 12 Honors Summer Reading Assignment 2020

 Last Updated May 14, 2020