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Stopfinder Parent Quick Start Guide

Penn Cambria School District has added Stopfinder Mobile Application to school bus transportation.  Stopfinder is a tool to keep you informed of your child’s bus location.  This will be especially helpful during inclement weather or other delays.

This is being provided as a resource only and should not be relied upon as the sole source of bus information.  The tool relies on GPS signal so GPS delays or lost signal may hinder the application.  Students must still be out at the stop five minutes prior to the scheduled pickup.  

As the Stopfinder subscriber, you can invite others (Spouse, Grandparents, Child Care, Children, etc.) as sub-scribers to your account for access to the same information you have.

You must have an email address on record for each child to be the Stopfinder subscriber.  If you did not receive a Stopfinder Invitation via email, please call the Transportation Coordinator and request an invite.


Transportation Coordinator
Penn Cambria School District