Starting on Wednesday January 27, 2021, students in need of additional support or who lack Internet access may schedule time to come into the student’s assigned school building on Wednesdays to receive additional assistance or to work on remote lessons under the supervision of a staff member.


Students will be assigned to work in a small group under the supervision of paraprofessionals with at least one faculty member in each building available to also provide help or support as needed.  Elementary Title 1 faculty will also be available for support for K-4 students.  Students will be assigned to work in groups based on their A/B rotation.  This is provided as remote learning time for all students and is not designed as childcare or daycare.

Families must complete the form located on our website to register for Wednesday sessions by Monday at noon each week in order to attend.  This MUST be scheduled in advance to be sure we have groups assigned, staff coverage, and transportation if necessary.
If you are unable to use the form or have questions about scheduling, please use the contacts below.
PC Elementary Schools – Ms. Adrienne Dodson 886-2151 x5111
PC Middle School – Ms. Lisa Prebish 886-4181 x3003
PC High School – Mr. Greg Shingle 886-8188 x2003
TIMES – 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM in each building
TRANSPORTATION – Transportation can be provided via Wilkinson’s Bus Co.  Pick up and drop times and locations will vary each week based on students in need of transportation that day. Families may also provide their own transportation if they choose to only have their child attend for part of this time.  However, it still must be scheduled as noted above for group assignments and staffing purposes.
LUNCH – Students who are in the building will be able to receive a bagged lunch if needed.
TECHNOLOGY DEVICES – Students should bring their own device, or their district issued laptop if possible since computer lab space is limited in each building.