Update 9/4/20 – Penn Cambria School District is implementing the following spectator guidelines approved by the Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference:

The new spectator guidelines for the LHAC are as follows: 

                Volleyball – No spectators permitted due to 25 person indoor limit 

                Cross Country, Tennis, and Golf – Both home and visiting spectators are permitted up to the 250 outdoor limit.  

                Soccer (all levels) and Football (all levels), including scrimmages – Only ticketed home spectators will be permitted.  The number of home spectators plus all of those involved (athletes, coaches, officials, band members, cheerleaders and essential personnel) must not exceed 250. The distribution of the tickets to home spectators is at the discretion of the home school.  

                The LHAC understands the importance of Friday nights to all students involved, whether it be playing football, marching in the band, or cheering on the sidelines.  That is why the league was committed to ensuring that all students involved would be included in the 250 person limit before opening the event up to parents and spectators.   


         Update  9/5/2020  –  The Penn Cambria School District is set to have the NFHS cameras installed at our High School Gymnasium and Football Field on the 14th and 15th of September. This will give us all of the capabilities of watching Penn Cambria sporting events from the comfort of our homes.  Nine of the thirteen teams in the LHAC conference either have the network set up or are in the process of doing so. To sign up for a subscription to the network you will need to do the following:

  1. Log in to NFHSnetwork.com
  2. Hit the subscribe button in the left hand corner of the page
  3. Choose annual or monthly pass
  4. Create your account
  5. Choose payment type