Moving Through the Wednesday Wellness Alphabet…….”E” is for Emergency

Getting a medical ID is an important decision to make for your personal health and safety. If you’re not sure if you should be wearing one, here are some reasons to wear one:
A person who is diagnosed or is living with the following health issues should wear a medical ID.
1. Food allergy – Are you allergic to certain types of food, nuts, dairy, seafood? Food allergies can cause serious reactions including anaphylaxis.
2. Drug allergy – Penicillin and other antibiotics are examples of medications that can cause allergic reactions to some people. A medical ID can effectively alert others of this information and help prevent accidental exposure and treatment with these drugs.
3. Allergy to stinging insects (bees and wasps) – Being stung by an insect can cause more severe reactions to those allergic to them. Bee or wasp stings can cause anaphylaxis that can be fatal. In the event of getting stung, a medical ID can help identify the cause of the allergic reactions including the treatment that you need in case you are unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate.
4. Chronic disease, illness, or any medical condition – Being diagnosed with a medical condition often comes with a recommendation from a healthcare provider to wear a medical ID. Examples include: seizure disorder, diabetes, heart condition, etc.
5. Mental health illness – In the event of an emergency, it is important for mental illness to be known to emergency responders. A medical ID can help responders understand a person’s behavior during an emergency, avoid misdiagnosis, and identify the help or treatment best suited to them.

Wearing a medical ID could save your life!


Are you a babysitter? The American Red Cross Babysitting and Child Care Training Course will train you for babysitting emergencies. Click here to find class.