Schools must provide a meal to a student who requests one, regardless of whether the student has money to pay for the meal or owes money for school meals (unless a student’s parents have provided directive to the school to withhold a meal). When a student owes money for five or more school meals, a school board shall require schools under its jurisdiction to make at least two attempts to reach the student’s parent to have them apply for participation in the free/reduced lunch program and may offer assistance in helping them apply. School boards must require schools to direct all communications regarding money owed by a student to the student’s parent/guardian and not to the student. Additionally, school boards must allow schools to contact the student’s parent via a letter addressed to the parent but delivered by the student.

School boards also must prohibit schools under their jurisdiction from publicly identifying or stigmatizing a student who cannot pay or who owes money for school meals, requiring a student who cannot pay to perform chores or requiring a student to discard a school meal after it was served due to the student’s inability to pay or if there is money owed for earlier meals.